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Five huge artists you didn't know performed at our venue

6 Dec 2019


From rock royalty to solo superstars, we’ve welcomed some of the world’s biggest and most iconic acts to Bradford – something which we’ll be aiming to do when we reopen in 2021! Here’s five artists you probably didn’t realise played at our venue over the years!

The Beatles 
Some small, unknown band from Liverpool call The Beatles embarked on their debut UK tour, and the first venue on the list...the Gaumont Cinema in Bradford, Yorkshire aka right here! The Beatles were at the bottom of a six-act bill, headlined by 16-year-old singer Helen Shapiro - but I suppose they went on to have an OK-ish career. How good would it be to see Paul return to Bradford in 2021!


The Rolling Stones
In 1965, we welcomed the incredible Rolling Stones to Bradford Live as part of their second British Tour which featured two shows at the Gaumont Theatre. It was a sell-out, it was electric, it was pure ROCK N ROLL! No wonder they wen't on to become one of the greatest ever bands.


Tom Jones
Hysteria struck Bradford in '68 as a fresh faced Welshman by the name of Tom Jones brought his live show to our building, packing it out from the floor to the ceiling. Sir Tom wowed us with an incredible performance, and even from an early age we knew we were witnessing something, someone special.


Buddy Holly
We tragically lost Buddy Holly at the tender age of 22-years-old, but we were privileged enough to welcome the incredible musician to Bradford just a year before his death. Buddy arrived in 1958 and gave us a show packed full of hits, charm and obviously that iconic, trademark smile. It was a real honour to host an artist who's life was suddenly cut-short, we miss you Buddy.


Frankie Laine
During a recent behind the scenes, we caught up with a guy who actually came to Frankie Laine's show 1953, he described the euphoria and scenes of excitement when Frankie arrived in town. He said he remembers Frankie opening the window in his dressing room before the show and just started singing down the street - everyone flocked up the alley to get a glimpse of the star before he took to the stage. It really was an incredible night.


Maybe in ten years time, we'll write another blog like this featuring another five legends that will have performed in Bradford! We can't wait to get the doors open and get the acts in! Who would you LOVE to see perform at Bradford Live? Tell us on Twitter.

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